Connecting businesses through colour is what we do best. Our life-like corporate flower rentals come in a stunning range of designs that connect your business with your customers, through a colourful first impression.

We have a wide range of arrangements that are constantly updated in-line with global floral and interior trends. Our beautiful, life-like, maintenance-free arrangements stay bright and fresh all year long. You’ll never have to change water or worry about cleaning up leaves or petals again.

Allergy-free, our floral designs are immune to air-conditioning and central heating, which means that they can be used in any environment or climate. We’ve also got your bottom line in mind. Our flowers will save you money compared to fresh every year.

Floral Image arrangements are available for rental on either long or short-term basis and are suitable for any type of business. Every month our friendly local team delivers your flowers keeping the face of your business refreshed and engaging.

You’ll find Floral Image in small and medium businesses through to large corporations. Our product is loved by every industry we touch. We add color to realtors, enhancing the look of their properties. Restaurants and retailers make impressive statements through the color our flowers bring. Corporate offices welcome their staff and customers with our stunning entrance statements. You’ll find us anywhere people are connecting for business.

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